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Instructions to complete your Fair Entry Form

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1 Download a copy of the fair book from www.gcffy.org. The form online is a fillable pdf. You can type your classes and then print the form and turn it in to the fair office.

When you start to complete your Fair Entry Form, NEATLY enter your name (as you want printed in publicity materials).  Fill out the rest of the information which is asked for on the form.  Some important items to remember when filling out this form are:


If you belong to more than one club/organization AND want to exhibit in more than one club, you must complete a separate fair entry form for EACH club you are showing with.  Be sure to list only classes you want to exhibit with your club on respective form.  This way when the fair prints list of animals or still exhibits to be housed with a club, we know to house you with the appropriate group.  If you are not showing with a club/organization, write “NONE” on this line.


In the Parent/Guardian’s Name Section of your Fair Entry Form, NEATLY enter the name(s) you want printed in all auction catalogs.  If you do not want any name listed in this section, make a written request to the fair office by July 15 and the fair will use your club’s name in its place.


Be sure the address you list on your form is the form you want your fair check(s) delivered.  The fair will mail checks by US mail.  Contact the fair office with any questions.

4 Most fair communication is through email. Be sure to list your email address. If the email is new, be sure to highlight that fact so GCFFY knows to change it.

Find the classes you want to enter in the fair book.  Classes are broken down by departments.  The departments listed by number and given a descriptive name.  Departments may be divided by Division which will be given a letter. (Not all departments will be broken down by divisions. If there is no division leave this box blank.)  The next level will be Sections and will also be given a letter.  Everything is finally broken down into classes which are categorized by numbers.  The above example shows a sample fair book listing. 


Make a list of classes you want to enter before you transfer everything onto your fair entry form.  A second copy of the form is helpful for you to sketch out your classes.  Your fair entry form has a table showing areas for DEPARTMENT, DIVISION (only needed if listed), SECTION, & CLASS.  Neatly transfer all of your classes onto your Fair Entry Form.  On your actual form, classes do not have to be in order.  See Exhibit B for a copy of a Fair Entry Form.  You may enter more classes than there is space for on your form.  You may provide multiple forms.  Exhibitors do not have to exhibit every class they enter.


It is useful to keep a copy of the form for your records.


Turn your form into the fair office by 4:00 p.m., June 25 or you will have a $25 late entry fee.