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DTE Energy Pinewood Derby Car


DTE Energy Pinewood Derby & Matchbox Derby

Plan to come and race at the 2015 DTE Energy Pinewood & Matchbox Derbys to be held 12:00 p.m., Saturday, August 1 at the fair's Pioneer Pavilion. Races are guaranteed to be fun and exciting. The races will be part of the SJO Motorsports series of Pinewood Derby races across the state.

You can enter a car you have previously constructed, build a car from a kit purchased at the fair office or at a hobby story or construct a car onsite on the day of the race (12:00 p.m. in the Pioneer Pavilion). Cars must conform within the parameters of the race. Complete details can be found by clicking here. Kits at the fair office are wedge style and cost only $3 each.

If you have never seen a pinewood derby race check out the Wikipedia page here. Cars must be made to a certain dimensions and must not be larger than 5 ounces which is roughly the weight of a small cell phone. Cars are lined up on a straight track that has a hill. Derby cars roll down the hill gaining speed and a certain flat distance to cover before being timed at the finish line.

There will be races for all ages - even those who are kids at heart. We encourage you to join us for what is guaranteed to be an exciting day at the fair.