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March 2011 - Updated Coggins Law & Clinic

EIA testing or Coggins will be required this year for the fair, club workouts, shows, etc. You may have seen the Coggins information from MDA. To help exhibitors and their families comply with this Dr. Michael Thome from Meadow View Veterinary Service will hold a clinic at the Alma fairgrounds on Sat. March 26 at 10:00 a.m. to draw Coggins and he will also have other vaccines available. This will save a farm call. Cost of Coggins is $33.50. Dr. Thome will let you know the cost of other vaccinations you may want your horse to have. This is a great opportunity to get your Coggins drawn. Dr. Thome will take your cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. When trailering in to the fairgrounds please keep your trailer on the driveway and not on the grass if it is still wet and muddy. We don’t want to make tracks in the lawn.  I hope many of you will take advantage of Dr. Thome’s offer to help save on expenses and come to the clinic on March 26.
Horse registrations are due May 1st with a copy of the negative Coggins attached. Be sure to fill out classes for the fair. I know changes may need to be made to the fair classes and you may add or change classes at horse check-in on Sun. at the fair. Horse registration forms are available at www.gcffy.org or at the extension office. Record books are also available online.
If you have any questions about either the clinic or horse registrations please call me at 989-330-7198.

To view a copy of the Coggins ruling from the MDA, click here.

Becky Hirschman